It is amazing how fast this stuff works once you put it on your body. I have muscle spasms in my shoulders and this almost instantly helps relieve pain. It feels warming and is a wave of relief.


I have been trying the balm on my hands, shouders, and knee for arthritis and torn rotator cuffs. I feel it’s helping. Ive been able to cut back on Ibuprofen! I do find it a bit hard, but I discoverd to take a fork and scratch surface a little and pour in a little oil or cbd oil.. mix in.. makes it go a little farther, and absorbs in easier. I’ve bought two more on sale!


I got this balm for my mom – she has a bad knee. She had never used a product with CBD before and reported back that she loved it. It took away her pain in a matter of minutes. I’ll definitely be getting her more in the future!


What can I say except all the 5 star reviews are true. I was skeptical that a balm could just stop pain but it really does…and I think it helps to actually heal. I’m 32 and have been dealing with pain all over but really in my knees. I can’t say why really I’m at a great body weight and eat well. But I was using a knee brace, taking handfuls of supplements, and hobbling along getting more depressed with each day, week, month. Finally after 3 months and a doctor visit that didn’t help much except to recommend PT( which I still might do to get informed about proper ways to move) I ordered this balm. That night I slept amazing. The pain had been keeping me up. After a few days I was walking normally. No joke. I really can’t believe it. It’s been about a month and I will still have hints of pain but the improvement is astounding. This was all I added to my routine. I’m so glad I found this and it really has given me hope. Believe the reviews!!

Kamala K.

I love this product!!!! This was my first time using CBD oil and I absolutely love it!! A week after this arrived at my home I was in a car accident I used this to help with my whiplash pain and it worked wonders!!