Balms applied for easing pain work by suppressing the pain through irritation and distress caused in the area of application. They work as an analgesic, are easily assimilated inside the skin and generate a cold feeling on the region where it is applied. Generally, pain balms are composed of Menthol, Methyl Salicylate that functions like an analgesic and Camphor that makes the nerve endings insensitive and create a cold sensation. These pain balms extend various medical relief in rheumatic arthritis and pain, soothing headaches, bruises, bursitis, tendonitis, sprains, muscle pain or chronic pain resulting from fibromyalgia or spondylitis and also from post workout sores and contusion.

What Contusion Means

A contusion is simply a medical term for a lesion or bruise. In a bruise, there is damage to the blood vessels which are broken due to the hard hit taken by the skin. Blood seeps from these impaired blood vessels towards the adjacent tissues, making the spotted purple. A contusion can be painful if touched as the blood accumulates below the skin and exerts pressure on surrounding nerve endings.

Signs Of Contusion

A contusion becomes sensitive and soft towards the touch and alters its appearance with time. In the beginning, when a contusion occurs, it is generally reddish and displays the blood color inside the skin. With the passage of time, the iron resulting from the blood alters its form and the contusion turns blue and also a greenish tint with finally a brown hue. Normally, the contusion heals within two to three weeks of sustaining the injury. However, contusions of the bone take a longer time to subside and heal on its own.

Pain Balms Acts As Pain Relievers

CBD Pain Balm For Contusions

Pain Balm eases pain and is composed of an aromatic resinous substance that is utilized for lulling the aches and healing faster. As the pain relief balm is rubbed upon the affected spot both the movement and the pressure applied while rubbing causes an extrasensory stimulus that curbs the pain sensations. Such balm influences the region of pain in the same way as a local anesthetic does without any side effect or any allergy and skin darkening.

An excellent pain balm gets smoothly absorbed into the skin and disperses evenly and contains product neutrality which helps in securing from any skin irritability.
In addition, pain balms can also preserve thermal stability and maintain constancy regardless of excessive fluctuations in atmospheric temperature. The best balm neither liquefies or melts at warmer temperatures or solidifies at dipping temperatures.

CBD Infused Pain Management Balms

Pain balms infused with CBD are effective in providing quick relief from muscles aches, bruises, burns wounds, and soreness without any adverse side effects along with zero psychoactivity. The anti-inflammatory nature of CBD helps the body to repair faster the blood vessels that are ruptured in bruises and wounds. Moreover, the pain alleviating and antibacterial characteristics of CBD assists in strengthening the skin and restore it back to homeostasis or balance and also improving the resilience of the skin towards the damaging impact of radiation. A body that is in a state of homeostasis signifies a healthy system and CBD helps to facilitate that process. In fact, by working both topically as well as internally CBD stimulates the biological mechanisms within the body and includes the skin to heal various conditions.

I have been trying the balm on my hands, shouders, and knee for arthritis and torn rotator cuffs. I feel it’s helping. Ive been able to cut back on Ibuprofen! I do find it a bit hard, but I discoverd to take a fork and scratch surface a little and pour in a little oil or cbd oil.. mix in.. makes it go a little farther, and absorbs in easier. I’ve bought two more on sale!


Using this non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) in Pain management balms helps in addressing maladies and can heal neuropathic pain, inflammation and post workout and multiple sclerosis-related pains. CBD mitigates pain by elevating the natural endocannabinoids, lowering your inflammatory reaction, and desensitizing the pain receptors. Besides, it regulates muscle aches by working as a muscle relaxant.

Pain Management Balm By ThoughtCloud

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The full spectrum Pain Management Balm By ThoughtCloud a leading CBD retailing company remarkably modulates pain and acts as a painkiller by alleviating the nerves, tissues and the muscles. It also assists in healing bruises and contusions, burns, wounds and lower back pain, tendinitis, bursitis and gout besides others. This formulation contains Arnica which soothes the skin and the muscles, Devil’s claw, menthol crystals, peppermint, avocado and eucalyptus oil, dandelion, magnesium, glucosamine, Vit D3 and Omega 3. Being a full spectrum pain balm it contains a variety of cannabinoids along with 300 mg CBD to produce synergistic effects by using the collective medicinal benefits of different cannabinoids to treat various skin and other health conditions.

Final Words On CBD Pain Balm For Contusions

Pain balms like ThoughtCloud’s Pain management balms are effective due to its active ingredients which assimilate inside the skin to provide a slew of benefits from treating wounds, inflammation, healing of bruises and ruptured blood vessels, muscle pain, and soreness. This topical with its healing components like cat’s claw that activates the immune mechanism, devil’s claw that heals inflammation besides healing oils and herbs and Vit D3 that fortifies the bone cartilage besides the potent power of the various cannabinoids makes this topical a multipurpose, pain relieving and curative balm.

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